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4 of our custom-made Acacia spatulas, exclusively designed by Christi Hoehn. Elevate your table grilling dining, whether you're hosting an intimate table grilling party or a memorable dinner with loved ones.


(Accessories, Table Grill and other items pictured are not included)

4 Table Grilling Spatulas

    • High-Quality Acacia Wood:
      Chosen for its rich grain and robust durability, Acacia is one of the finest woods for kitchenware. Its naturally elegant appearance seamlessly blends with any table setting, giving your dining space an upscale touch.

    • Hand-Sanded to Perfection:
      Every spatula undergoes a meticulous sanding process by hand, ensuring a smooth finish that is pleasing to the touch and gentle on your cookware.

    • Exquisite Design:
      Christi's unique vision shines through in every curve and edge of this spatula. Drawing from years of expertise, she's curated a design that's both functional and beautiful.

    • Versatile & Multi-functional:
      Whether you're entertaining a table grilling party or teaching the kids to cook, this spatula promises precision and ease. Its broad surface and slender edge make it ideal for a variety of foods.

    • Ergonomic Handle:
      Feel the difference when you hold it – the handle is thoughtfully crafted for a comfortable grip, allowing for optimal control while serving or cooking.

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