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Christi Hoehn of Talk of the Table

During the seven years that I lived in Germany, we enjoyed the special occasion treat of the Swiss tradition of raclette. We would painstakingly prepare platters of carefully cut medallions of the top cuts of beef, meticulously sliced vegetables, and very select cheeses. The stone raclette grill would be slowly heated and we would grill the delicacies, eating them with tiny red potatoes and rustic bread. We'd then pour the obligatory melted cheese over the bread - divine!

While raclette grills are available stateside, I discovered the ease of using my electric griddle. Because of its portability, nonstick surface, and easy clean up, we were able to make what was only a special occasion meal become part of our regular family dining. 

I've battled health issues most of my life, losing both legs below knee due to circulation issues from Scleroderma.  In 2010 I was diagnosed with lung cancer. Although we were always conscientious of eating healthy, this propelled us into a new level of healthy eating. An emphasis of whole foods, forgoing the prepackaged processed foods. Table grilling, as we have come to refer to it, became an even more oft event. It's difficult to cook to the tastes of all of your family members and table grilling is a way of everyone preparing their own food to their own taste.

I love entertaining and it's become a tradition to invite friends over for a night of table grilling. Quite often I hear "Are we table grilling again soon, it's so delicious!?" More often than not, after my guests leave, they want to purchase their own table grills to share the fun and delicious table grilling experience with their own family. 

It's because of prompting from friends and family that Talk of the Table™ was created. My hope is that you and yours may benefit from our experiences, tips, recipes, ideas, and top quality grills and accessories (now available!) and create your own tradition of table grilling.


Thank you and I look forward to seeing you here often!

Christi Hoehn 

Christi is a Kansas native. She loves to paint and design as well as cook and entertain. A full-time wheelchair user, nothing stops her. She has discovered a passion for yoga!

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